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Blogger fashionista from Brussels, Belgium. How is my blog different from others? Well, apart from the saying "each person is unique in its own way", my blog has diversity, it has humor, it has a different style from what you've seen before, so you will never get bored viewing the same theme outfits everyday, never the same dull looks, that comes with a big plus: travel stories from the places I visited. I don't have a "team" behind it. It's just me, my ideas along with a pro camera (Canon 5D Mark II). Interested? A fan? A friend? An opinion? A collaboration maybe? Email me at fashionistadebruxelles@yahoo.com

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  1. You look really stunning! I love your hat, it's not strange at all, this look for meeting with Queen!!!

    I follow you back to keep in touch, thank you for really nice comment!!


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