Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Hello sweeties,
Hope you are all enjoying the sun ( if you're from Belgium, cause I know you are already enjoying it from everywhere else lol). Still, I cannot wait to go to Spain again! 
Moreover, I have a lovely outfit post today - I'm applying a new strategy - if it's raining, I do beauty/make-up tutorials, if it's sunny, I go out a shoot ! :)
I'm pretty sure you'll totally love this beautiful dress with applied butterflies... I mean, who doesn't like butterflies, right? I love it so much as you can wear it on a daily basis and also, on a ceremony or smth.

What I wore:
- Zara sandals

Really hope you liked the look, guys! 
Hope to be back tomorrow with a new OOTD post :)



  1. Oh wow. That dress is incredible! What a beautiful piece. I just love all of the gorgeous details.

  2. Cute dress:) Have a nice day!


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